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Welcome To The Planning App That Helps You Prepare For Your Future

-A simple and effective calculator to forecast your financial future.

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Become A Master of Your Financial Projections

Solve For Your Most Important Questions Like:

"Will I run out of money if I retire?"

"What income could I take from my investments?"

"What do my investments have to earn so I can stay retired?"

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Must Have Tool To Analyze Your Future Cash Flow

The cash flow projector is a personal finance tool that helps users become prepared for retirement and other personal financial goals by looking at future scenarios with cash inflows and outflows. It is a simple and effective way to master the financial planning process and help make even better decisions. It is built on the grid (e.g. Excel,Numbers for Mac) planning style and can be incredibly valuable when you really want true cash flow planning and want to get straight to the numbers.  Use the cash flow projector tool to model realistic scenarios for your financial future. There is no other tool this powerful and simple for cash flow planning available.

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